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Stay Away Unethical Business Part 1

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakatah !

Desire to become entrepreneurs, you take precautions in planning and good business with good work in every action. Due to the entrepreneurs have a lot going on high risk businesses such as cheating, abused others, many losers in the business and so on. So you know take care of your business if you need to control it well. God willing (Insya-Allah), everything is OK, and become a successful entrepreneur. Businesses that become worship and receive the blessings of God providence must be independent of the elements of fraud and business practices unethical.

Unethical business practices
  1. Business
  • Not have a permit for a business license
  • Fraud weighing and difficult tool
  • Distortion through direct sales activities
  • Engage with the get rich quick scheme
  • Purchase confirmation sick leave (MC)
    2.  Employee
  • Non-payment of salary or wages due to employees
  • Late payment of salaries
  • Does not protect workers' rights
  • Terminate employment without reasonable cause
  • Does not give a proper holiday to employees
  • Forcing employees to work beyond working hours
  • Do not provide training for new employees
    3.  Goods
  • Deal in goods that are prohibited or forbidden in Islam
  • Deal in goods that are not immoral
  • Drug trafficking
  • Sell ecstasy pills or drugs
  • Selling goods that have reached the expiry date
  • Trafficking counterfeit goods
  • Manipulate the price tag
  • Selling goods that are not valid title
  • Hide the goods in order to raise prices
    4.  Finance
  • Interaction with financial institutions that are not islamic
  • Issuing a check if no money in the account
  • Receiving money unauthorized entry
  • Falsifying financial or tax details
    5. Advertising
  • Falsifying information in the advertise
  • Promote artificially cheap sale
  • No promises as noted in the advertise
   6.   Sharia Law (Hukum Syariat)
  • Receive and laptop
  • Taking a massive profit in one (laptop)
  • Wronged consumers, buyers or others
  • A free mixing of men and women workers
  • Engage with the exploitation of women
  • Items which formed stools is not valid for the transaction
   7.   Law
  • Does not contribute to the Employees Provident Fund (EPF)
  • Does not protect workers in SOCSO
  • Using foreign labor with no work permit
  • Polluting the environment with toxic waste
  • Deviation in hire purchase
  • Distribution of pirated works
  • Purchases by government departments that do not follow the rules
   8.   E-commerce
  • Fraud money or quality of goods through catalog business, mail order and e-commerce
  • Taking or giving Internet by their deposits without a license
  • Engaging with cash transactions on the Internet that are prohibited by governments
Cause of Crisis and Scandal in the Business World

Bias in the business world due to human action itself. Human action arising from the nature of their character and soul. Dysfunctional personality trait like no civic consciousness, possessing low moral and dignity, too pursue worldly, not faith or lack of faith, not trained with entrepreneurial spirit, does not have the moral character and the nature of envy and resentment.

Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. said which means: "Oh people, Allah is good and He will not accept anything but the holy will." (Narrated by Muslim). Rasulullah s.a.w. again, meaning: "A dealer that is honest, trustworthy, and telling the truth will be with the Nabi, siddiqin, and syuhada on the Day of Resurrection (the Hereafter)." (Narrated by al-Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah)

Following are the causes of the crisis and skandal in the business world:

Ignoring manpower management
One of the important aspects of entrepreneurship is to manage human resources (human resources management) so that they can improve the productivity and quality of production. Good human resource management can raise the spirit of commitment among individuals, giving a sense of responsibility awareness, integrated collaboration of workers, establishing a good relationship with employees and employee welfare.

Manpower management failed to be implemented should result in some adverse implications such as employee welfare neglected environmental quality of each individual employee can not be discovered, an employee is dissatisfied and partisan life, hardships and sufferings of the workers did not come to the knowledge of management, individual maximum potential not achieved, experienced workers will start looking for a way out and a lot of manpower that will stop working.

Quality Control Circle (QCC)
A firm or a large factory should think of creating quality monitoring QCC or group involving the views of all employees. As an employee who is given a specific task, of course, will face its own problems and needs while working. Employers also the opportunity to identify the problems and needs of its employees. Cassia your entrepreneurial endeavors changing fast and up to date. Employers are not concerned with the current technology. Will drop performance competition. QCC able to deal with this problem.

Among the QCC functions are:
  1. Identifying employee comfort to work with efficient and competent as preparation tools, machinery or technology that can increase your productivity.
  2. Create a stable working environment and harmonious. This is very important because every employee should feel that they are part of a team (team work) and no disagreements or disputes arising between them. This is to avoid declining of the spirit and morale of employees to work.
  3. Arrange a workplace orderly and clean
  4. Improving safety at work is very important. Security features should be taken into account even increase the cost of production. Safety involves a sense of security at work, free from sexual harassment, accidents, small and large, long-term health disorders such as dirty air conditions, exposure to toxic substances, extreme noise environment, the threat of a foul odor, too hot or cold, moist air that facilitates bacterial spread and so on, handicap that remain, the situation of the building, the location of the work place unsafe and death.
  5. Provide appropriate training and education with efforts to develop a balanced personality in the workplace and home.
Tips to avoid injustice to workers:
  1. Provide a reasonable salary in accordance with the productivity and profitability of the company
  2. Get information for local cost of living
  3. Take into account the inflation rate in making the appropriate changes to the workers' wages
  4. Take into account the views of employees prior to making a decision
  5. Implement management participation by involving the entire staff
To be continued....

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