Selasa, 18 September 2012

Brain and Blindness

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakatah !

I first remember not blind? Those were the good old days.

Nokia, thanks for this phase of life bespectacled. Yes, I still blame my smartphone recalled that reason, blindness begins vacation during the one semester at the collage in Institut Profesional Baitulmal (IPB), the same semester I get myself Nokia.

When I noticed blind? During in the Lecture hall (Lecture Mass), common standard violent boys and girls is right, rear seat-back, the farthest away from Lecturer if replied mischievously answer even the faint sound jer.. So when already sitting back the projector screen, eh what the article is vague slide Lecturer? Thought lecturer did not adjust the projector's focus, once asked my friend next door and he says clear clarity. Then it, I borrow my friend.. Do I would not it strange? ='(

Blindness appearance. Had not been violent

When I go check me eyes, see the power is okay, 125 and 150, not very far right and left eyes. But recently, check again gone up already.. Result my eyes are 145 right eye and left eye 200.. Doctor said, the high up the left left eye power, because they have right brain exercise. Right the right brain controls the left side of all our members. Now see the difference diagram left brain and right brain in Marc advertisement below..

This diagram brain.. Awesome!

So, my left eye blindness more fierce to my lack of creatively activities. Got it? Before, like drawing and painting, every day and read the numbers and words of view. Sadly, I'm sorry your right brain, I will balance my usage of various sides of my brain once again. It's time to get sketching. I love sketching by the way.

So while waiting for time of breaking, I do sketches, I took a pencil and decided to sketch 3D dimension. At first my younger sister excited when enter my room and she looked my drawing, then do not be idle. To play my phone is, going here and there of view is. When drawing form, it's ugly! Difficult it is to draw this thing moving! OMG if you draw more difficult though, (unless she slept off like she always does).

All the paintings that I created and produced.. I depart with winning smile =).. Haha XD.. Never thought I prepared all the drawing with vigorously.. Yahooo!! Satisfied!!

Thank you for reading this entry !

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