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Resipi: How to make Kimchi

Assalamualaikum Warhmatullah Wabarakatah !

Salam and hi !

In this entry I would like to tell you a How to or tutorial on how to make KIMCHI, a Korean popular side dish. This is also in line with FE students' project SHOW & TELL. Now, I would like to tell you the ingredients needed make a delicious kimchi. I also explain how to prepare it step-by-step with pictures.

These have been preparing kimchi!! It's not very sour taste or spicy, so it is very tasty enough and nutritious!

: Ingredients :
2 whole Cabbage
1 cup of salt
8 cup of water
7 tablespoon of fish sauce
1 1/4 cup of crushed red pepper
8 pieces of green onion or onion leaves
1/2 of radish
1/2 of carrot
1 whole ginger
3 inches of ginger
1/2 of onion
1/2 of apple
1/2 of China Pear
4 tablespoon of sugar
Korean chili flakes or powder
Corn flour

: Preparation :
1. Slice Napa or Chinese cabbage into bite size pieces and put into a large bowl.
2. Mix water and salt together and pour over cabbage.
3. Let the cabbage soaked for 3 - 5 hours.
4. Mix the corn flour in plain water and heat it on slow fire.
5. pour the chili flake or powder onto the corn flour mixture. Mix them together.

6. Blend together the garlic, onion, apple, pear, and ginger together. Purse them.
7. Julienne the radish and carrot and thinly slice the green onions or onion leaves. Put them in a bowl.
8. After 3 - 5 hours, rinse the cabbage in cold water for about 3 times.
9. Combine all the ingredients together in a large bowl. (Please use rubber gloves)

9. Store the kimchi in room temperature for a night or two and keep it in the refrigerator covered.

Now, what is your Show & Tell project?

I depart with a winning smile. Satisfied. Never thought I prepare kimchi because it made difficult. Regardless safe Independence day to all readers of this blog. Hopefully our country will continue to enjoy peace and prosperity, far from the chaos that is not necessary and most importantly, safe place to live. Happy trying =') Happy Independence Day! Take care!

Thank you for reading this entry !

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