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Tips on choosing Idol and Qudwah

Assalamualaikum !

Alhamdulillah, our thanks Allah S.W.T. are given health to live and work on command. All right. Straight to the point. This time Abang Long named is Firdaus Sedik to tell a little about the idol. Speaking about the idol, which is reflected in the mind is someone who adored and a guide to the 'interest in'.

If you follow the original word 'idol' (English) that, as all know it means something to be worshipped as gods. But here Abang Long takes meaning from the context of Malay usual this time we hear of someone who is a driver.

Generally, when the mention of our idol usually correlates well with the appearance, behaviour, and so our words have on the idol. More so for those of us susceptible. Here we can see the appearance our partners - of which their clothes and themselves idols of their influence.

In this column, this time Abang Long want for tips on how to choose idol or qudwah to the younger brother of all. This tip is a source from his best friend Abang Long - Ustaz Abdul Rahman Ahmad Husni. This is it:

     1. Qudwah most important is the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. and the any entirely. - No need to deny this as this is paramount and we huddle with Islam.

     2. Next look at the companions r.h.m. and the narrator. - This is also necessary for success in this world and hereafter.

    3. See who is Allah S.W.T. state has one of the characteristics of successful and blessed in teh al-Quran. - In the al-Quran there are many examples of successful stories.

    4. In the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. have mention, for example, seven people who get the auspices of Alllah S.W.T. in the afterlife, tradition that began with: "The most beloved of Allah S.W.T. is ....." - Read and understand the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

    5. If any among us who want to choose role models from among the Non-Muslim such as imitating the success of the late Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple Inc. For example, the following is a guide the next:

  • Do not be copied in religion, belief or belief in any faith.
  • Do not copy hi lifestyle if some are negative.
  • His success was not because of his lifestyle or his religion, but as the scientific nature sunatullah earned in advance od and enthusiasm for innovation and creativity so as to become the best in the world in its field.

     6. Choose the right one wishes to be an example. It is not wholesale or "Build in" but must be evaluated and selected carefuuly so that we do not have it wrong and lose direction. Pray to Allah S.W.T. that guided him.

Until we meet again in other products this blog.


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